Wednesday, September 29, 2010

VS 2010 Beta1 and Silverlight have to say something

Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 improvements in Silverlight is mainly on the following points:

鈼?Support Multi-Targeting compiled

鈼?drag and drop controls as well as properties, events, editorial and other support

鈼?and good compatibility Blend

鈼?areas for improvement

鈼?specific description is as follows

Support Multi-Targeting compiled

Silverlight 3 Beta before release, Silverlight developers who have this kind of annoyance: the formal product requires the use Silverlight 2 to compile, but in order not to lag behind the times, want to become early adopters of Silverlight 3 Beta before the introduction of many new features such as 3D support and so on. Convenient way is to have two machines, one for products installed Silverlight 2 compilation, while the other one 3 Beta installed an early experience for many people, but it is not very realistic, so I was given some time ago a kind of compilation in the same machine solution Silverlight skills - mountain can accommodate two tigers

But there are still more complicated feedback step, and now we finally do not worry.

Visual Studio 2010 Beta brought us the Silverlight support for Multi-Targeting

Because Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 installed only the default template for Silverlight

But did not install the SDK and Runtime

So if you want to create a Silverlight project default, then

It will get the prompt ask you to install SDK and Runtime

Download and install the Silverlight 2 SDK and the Silverlight 3 Beta SDK, Silverlight 3 Beta Developer Runtime

The interface can appear as a

If you create items that need to be replaced another SDK to compile

That there is no problem, right options -> Properties, you can change the target compiled using SDK

Drag and drop controls as well as properties, events, and other editorial support

Visual Studio 2010 Beta has finally provides a drag and drop controls as well as properties, events, WYSIWYG editor support

The direct drag and drop controls

Attribute Editor

Some properties of Silverlight 3 is supported not directly edit the need to write Code to define

Edit the following events

And good compatibility Blend

Trial Blend will open the following warning

Can be forced open, and here as the default Web project aims Framework 鏄? Net Framework 4.0, Blend does not recognize

However, our editors xaml no effect

Of course, can also set the Web project aims to support the Framework for the Framework 3.5 Web project of the normal load

Areas for improvement

鈼?Visual Studio with WPF rewritten, the overall operation and a lot of slow response, I hope this is the reason because it is Beta version

鈼?still not on the Silverlight unit test program built-in support

鈼? Net RIA Service Preview can not be installed on the Visual Studio 2010 Beta, but will soon have a new estimate updates

鈼?Toolbox in the Silverlight version control can not automatically depending on the target switch (Silverlight)

鈼?still did not provide specific, such as Silverlight 3 ChildWindow, Page, etc. template control, estimated through the new features of Visual Studio 2010 to provide online templates


Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 Although a variety of problems, but its support for Silverlight Visual Studio 2008 has been more than a lot of progress.

Especially the long-awaited WYSIWYG drag and drop controls and property editing support, all give us reason to use Visual Studio 2010 to develop. Also its good compatibility and Blend also dispel our concerns about the efficiency of collaboration. Therefore, I recommend from now on we can use the latest version of Visual Studio 2010 to create Silverlight applications that we need


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